We are a remote-first team. Since the majority of our team works remotely in various states some of these benefits may be provided in different ways. We will always strive for parity across different geographies. Poggio expects our benefits to evolve as time goes on and the size, shape and needs of our employees and organization change. Questions? Please reach out to head of people, Alisa at [email protected].

Benefits as of Jan 2022

Top 25% salaries: We monitor and evaluate industry salaries annually (or immediately following a funding round) to ensure we’re paying in the top 25%, based on skills and experience, for every position at the company. Salaries are standardized on the SF Bay Area market.

Equity in Poggio: To align incentives and provide significant upside to those who bring their skills and experiences to our team we offer equity to all employees. It’s given with the belief that everyone does well when the company does well. Similar to the salaries we pay, our equity compensation is evaluated annually to ensure we are competitive.

Health, Dental, Ortho and Vision Insurance: Poggio offers a variety of health and dental plans. Poggio pays 100% of base plan (Aetna PPO 0) for employee and 80% for dependents. Preview the benefits here.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA): An FSA is an account where you can set aside pre-tax money for out-of-pocket medical or dependent care expenses, such as prescriptions, OTC medicine, vision care, childcare, etc. Every year you decide up front how much money you want to put in the account (the max is $2750 for Medical Care and $5000 Dependent Care.)

Paid Parental Leave: When you welcome a new child, Poggio encourages you to take up to 16 weeks parental leave 100% paid salary.

100% match 401k Retirement plan: Poggio offers 100% match for the first 3%, then 50% match up to 5% of your salary that you contribute to the plan via Guideline.

Life Enrichment Allowance: What do you do outside of work that you love—Poggio will reimburse up to $1200 per year towards your passion, relaxation or continuing education. If you’re interested in taking classes to learn something new or further a skill, we’ll cover. Some people take classes directly related to their career, while some take photography lessons, learn a musical instrument, or roll with cooking lessons. It’s up to you; the point is to learn something that you feel enriches you as a person. E.g. gym membership, massage, Masterclass, bike parts, race registrations, etc.

Work Where and When You Want: Though not exactly a ‘benefit’, we prioritize remote-first work that allows each employee to optimize their own productivity. Our people team will always keep an eye on ways to streamline how we work, but the core belief is that our team knows best.

Office & equipment stipend (one-time). Design your workspace and tools how you need them to look and function. You’ll be able to configure and select the computer that will work best for you and the surrounding office accouterment. Standing desk? Japanese floor chair? Like to work surrounded by plants?